Strictly for results-driven people

1-to-1 – 90-Day Intensive Training for Personal & Professional Excellence

Life/ Health/ Love/ Money/ Happiness


Everything that exists in your life, good or not so good, is because it first exists in your subconscious mind as a subconscious pattern. If you desire more money, love, good health or happiness and you are struggling to reach your goals, it is because of you a subconscious pattern that disagrees with your desire. And until you change the subconscious, nothing different will happen. Here is how this 90-Day Intensive Training can help you to achieve your desired outcome.


Stage 1: Delete Disempowering Subconscious Program
We begin by identifying the to identify the challenge (hidden subconscious pattern) that is preventing you from reaching your desired outcome and replacing it with a new self-empowering pattern that can work in your favor to achieve the results you want.


Stage 2: Create a Mental Blueprint of Your Desired Outcome
At this stage of the training, you will construct a mental blueprint by filling in a questionnaire of the top 40 questions that can help you gain a crystal clear mental image of your desired outcome and how you will attain it.


Stage 3: Turn the Mental Blueprint Into a Subconscious Imprint

At this final stage of the training, you begin your 90-Day Intensive Training to turn your mental blueprint into a subconscious imprint – this is done using a very structured exercise to influence the subconscious mind positively. At the end of the 90-days when the imprint is successfully accepted by the subconscious, you will start to see the positive effects in your life.

1-to-1 – 90-Day In-Depth Mind Programming for High-Performance

Life/ Health/ Love/ Money/ Happiness

90-Day Hypnagogic & Hypnopompic Programming

Our subconscious patterns are like software that runs in the background of a computer, regulating the way the system operates. If your subconscious mind has x-type patterns operating in it, then that will produce X-type results in your life. For example, if you struggle to reach your goals, it is because you have subconscious patterns that support that struggle. And if you don’t change the subconscious pattern, nothing changes. This is why when a person has a poverty pattern, then continue to attract lack and scarcity. Or when a person has a self-doubt pattern, their results will reflect that. And so, if you want to improve your results, you must first change the patterns of your mind.

Stage 1: Identify & Delete Disempowering Subconscious Program

Venetia will conduct a detailed examination to discover the unconscious pattern that stands in the way of you reaching your desired target, as well as identify the root cause of the pattern and eliminate it.


Stage 2: Write a Self-Empowering Script Based on Your Desired Outcome

This is followed by a tailor-made self-empowering script based on your desired outcome, whether you want more money, better health, finding love, or attracting happiness, the script will cover every detail required to program the subconscious mind with the target that you wish to reach.


Stage 3: Convert the Self-Empowering Script Into a Recorded Audio

at this stage of the program, Venetia will convert the script into recorded audio that will be played back to your subconscious mind when it is at its most receptive state, for the purpose of influencing it positively. Once your subconscious aspects the suggestions repeated to it, it will automatically work behind the scenes to achieve the specific task.

1-to-1 – 6-Week Law of Attraction Training


Law of Attraction 1-to-1 training helps to align you with the energy of receiving the things that you want. This training can teach you secrets, exercises, and techniques that can open you up to the energy of receiving your desires by guiding you toward a state of complete resonance, complete allowing, complete accepting the things that you wish to manifest. At the same time, you will learn the art of eliminating from your vibration any active energies of resistance. Once resistance is removed, the manifestation process begins instantly.


The exercises and techniques shared are effective principles that enhance your attracting and manifesting abilities. And as well as learning to eliminate low energies/ vibrations/ frequencies from your life, you will also learn the art of raising your vibration to such a high frequency that manifestation has no choice but to take place. This Law of Attraction training with Venetia works directly on aligning your energy to that of your desire where you are in complete resonance to your desired outcome.


During the course, you will learn a variety of Law of Attraction secrets and methods that allow manifestation to occur with the least amount of effort. The law of Attraction can work in your favor to bring you absolutely anything you want, all you must do is gain a clear understanding of how this magnificent law operates and then implement what you learn into your life.