Here's my story

I was born into a poor Cypriot family in North London in 1979. I was the youngest of three sisters until my younger brother was born six years later, for which I was happy. My parents struggled financially throughout my childhood. They worked in a shoe factory from morning to night just to make ends meet, and their financial struggles put extra stress on them, thus the family.

My father was prejudiced against women, and this was inflicted continuously upon me as I was growing up. Throughout my childhood, I remember feeling unworthy and unloved because I was a female. My mother was the servant of the house who lived a stressful life with many concerns. Her job was to keep my father happy while taking care of four kids and all house chores.

Due to my parents’ financial struggles and many other issues, our family home environment was anything but cheerful and affectionate. Our family home looked normal from the outside but on the inside, was anger and sadness. I remember feeling envious of happy families that could enjoy family time and feel comfortable in their homes.

I began secondary school at age eleven. After school, my siblings and I would head straight to the shoe factory to work with my parents until late in the evening before heading home where my mother would cook and clean, and my siblings and I would start our homework. This lifestyle was tiring, unpleasant, and not how I wanted to live my life, and it began to take its toll on me. At school, my grades were terrible, and I became a straight D student. I adopted a rebellious nature, and I would even skip classes. I started to build up a lot of resentment, anger, and hatred toward my family and society. I was miserable and hated my life, and at the age of thirteen, I run away from home.

That same evening, I was found by a social worker sleeping on a street bench outside a train station that was miles away from my house. The very next day, I was sent to a foster home. I started to build up a lot of fear, mistrust, and low self-worth issues. Two months later, I went back home to live with my biological parents, but nothing had changed. From then on, the relationship between myself and my parents was terrible, and it wasn’t long before our relationship turned vicious.

Some months later, the whole family moved to Cyprus. I became uncontrollable, and late one evening, at the age of fifteen, I run away from. I

had no money, no friends, and no idea where I was going or what I was going to do. I was living a rebellious lifestyle, and within a few months, alcohol and marijuana abuse became a part of my daily life. My life was falling apart before my eyes as I went from disaster to disaster. I started hanging out with toxic people who gradually introduced me to heroin and cocaine. Eventually, I became so addicted and so disassociated from the world around me that my entire life revolved only around my next fix.

It was not long after that my house was raided, and I was arrested for drug possession, facing a possible five-year prison sentence. However, I was released with the condition that I sought professional help. Upon my release, I moved back in with my parents and continued my old habits. Two months later, I was in a car accident. I remember waking up in a hospital with facial injuries, severe drug withdrawal symptoms, and deep depression – I felt exhausted, lost, lonely, and a failure. And due to this unfortunate car accident piling up on my already existing dysfunctional life, I contemplated suicide.

The depths of the fear that I felt on that day were so brutal. It was the first and only time in my entire life that I felt so out of control and terrified of what I might do to myself. Some years later, I moved back to North London to start treatment programs, but nothing worked. Instead, I overdosed many times. I hated that my family saw me in this uncontrollable state, and although they were supportive, I still abandoned my family home due to overwhelming guilt, shame, and confusion.

At This Point Life Got Hard

Before I knew it, I found myself homeless on the streets of London, where I remained for two years. I slept on street corners and abandoned sheds, and during the harsh winters, I even slept in waste areas to keep out the cold weather. To survive on the streets, I turned to shoplift, which got me imprisoned twice. Upon my release from prison, I returned to Cyprus for therapy. For six months, I was taking prescribed medication, which made me worse than ever– I became perplexed and depressed. I was exhausted as I felt I

had tried everything, yet nothing was working, and once again, I contemplated suicide.

Sometime later, I woke up in a state of such intensive panic that I was terrified. My surroundings suddenly looked evil. Negative, disturbing images were stuck in my brain, perpetually haunting me. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. And from then on, anxiety became a part of my life. My life was slipping away before my eyes, and I could not do anything to stop it – I felt like I was dying a slow and agonizing death. My life became a vicious vortex of sadness and misery – a slow-motion suicide. And that was when I realized that I had to make a life-altering decision between continuing on my current path or slow death or building up enough strength to change my mindset and life forever.

The Most Challenging Transformation of My Life

I knew I was about to encounter the most challenging journey of my life, and I was ready. I was determined to win back my happiness, my dignity, and my life. And so, I gathered all my strength and courage and took the first step into the unknown of recovery. I began soul-searching and reading personal development books. I learned mind hacks and techniques to reprogramming the mind. I started upgrading my mental state, controlling my emotional state, improving my speaking patterns, and taking daily actions toward success. I turned to God and prayed for breakthroughs, and prayer slowly become a part of my life. By rehearsing these new and updated versions of myself, I was slowly restructuring my brain for success.

I was rewiring my neurology toward positive change. I was sending empowering autosuggestions to my subconscious mind that would, in turn, create new results. And this became my new daily routine. Day-by-day, I was stepping out of the old mindset and into the latest version of myself. I was restoring myself mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually – and it felt great.

My transformation seemed so magical, so enlightening, and so much needed at the time. Clarity began to enter my life like a light shining in my path. I began to experience significant transitions in my mind and my life. Such a transformation was beyond my comprehension, and until today, I give the

glory to God for showing me the way, the techniques, and the mind hacks for programming my mind toward success. I was given a second chance at life, and I was going to make it meaningful and very successful. I knew right there and then that I had started a new chapter in my life

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Here's my story

I continued to go from strength to strength. I studied a branch of Psychology and qualified in Emotional Intelligence. I later received my diploma in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I continued my studies and trained as a Success Hypnotist, who, today, assists many in programming their subconscious for success. I went from one accomplishment to another, and even started delivering seminars and masterclasses on accessing the infinite powers of the mind, using mindset tools and the Word of God. I later wrote my book Success and the Subconscious Mind, which made bestsellers in Germany and America.

Today, I am well known in my field for achieving ground-breaking results as I positively transform people’s minds and lives. I have empowered many worldwide in changing limiting belief systems, deleting faulty subconscious programming that sabotage success, creating habits of high achievers, as well as building the mindset of highly successful individuals. I continue to serve by building online mindset courses, designing trading psychology trainings for trading firms, and seeing clients on a one-to-one level. My unique gift is turning ordinary people into extraordinary individuals using the authoritative Word of God and harnessing the infinite powers of the mind, bringing my clients to a state of strength where miracles happen, and dreams come true.